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Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Nissan vehicles are justly famous for their build quality and reliability. However, in such a mechanically complex system as a modern vehicle, there is always the possibility of a failure of a part that leads to immobilization of the vehicle.
If this should happen, Rakha Co. is here to help get you on your way and meet those important commitments.

Note: services explained below are optional, and should be agreed on upon contract signing. 

Roadside assistance includes:

  1. Roadside aid in the event of electrical mechanical failure
  2. Wheel changing service in the event of a puncture and if the spare tire is available or towing to the nearest service centre.
  3. Delivery of petrol in the event you accidentally run out of fuel.
  4. Towing service to the sole distributor’s nearest service centre or to a service centre authorized by the sole distributor in the case of an accident (one journey only)

Service Contracts

Service Contracts:

Rakha Trading Company  service contract is the ideal way to keep your Nissan in the peak of condition all the time. Regular servicing optimizes the performance and safety of you investment to give you complete peace of mind when travelling.


  • One year or 20,000 Km (whichever comes first)
  • Two years or 40,000 Km (whichever comes first)
  • Three years or 60,000 Km (whichever comes first)

For more detailed information, please consulate the Service Manager at Rakha Co.


Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Nissan New Vehicle Warranty:

The new vehicle warranty period is 100,000 Km or 36 months whichever comes first from the date of sale.

What is covered:

We will repair or replace any part of the vehicle, which proves to be defective in material or workmanship on free of charge basis except those items under the section title ‘What is not covered’


What is Not Covered

  • The normal maintenance services such as wheel balancing and alignment, engine tune up, headlight aiming, replacement of light bulbs, sparkplugs, distributor points, clutch disc, brake shoes and pads, drive belts, all filters, wiper blades, all lubricants and coolants etc.
  • Any non genuine accessories, equipments or parts.
  • Any parts installed outside of NISSAN's works.
  • Tires and Batteries are covered by a separate warranty (as mentioned below).
  • Any vehicle on which the odometer reading has been changed.
  • Damage or failure resulting from:
    • Misuse, accident, theft, fire or commercial loss, etc.
    • Use of improper or dirty fuel, fluids or lubricants etc.
    • Alterations, improper repairs etc.
    • Stone chipping, chemical fallout, tree sap, salt, hail, windstorm, lightning or other environmental conditions.
    • Repairs not performed by authorized dealer.
    • Normal deterioration of paint and causing rust for the chassis as a result.

Note: maintenance service is requires every 5000 km at NISSAN dealer, for keeping vehicle warranty.


Tire Warranty:

Tire warranty is covered by the respective tire manufacturer. In order to obtain tire warranty service, you must present the unserviceable tire to a local tire agent, however NISSAN will assist you to take up the matter with the respective tire dealers.

Battery Warranty:

The battery is covered under warranty for 100,000 Km or 36 months whichever comes first on a pro rata basis as mentioned below:

  • A defective battery will be replaced free of charge during the first 12 months from date of sale.
  • After 12 months but before 24 months, NISSAN will bear 50% of the cost of new battery. The labor will be free of charge.
  • After 24 months but before 36 months, NISSAN will bear 25% of the cost of new battery. The labor will be free of charge.


Air-conditioner Refrigerant Warranty:

The A/C installed in your car as original equipment is covered under new vehicle warranty for 36 months or 100,000 Km.

However, refrigerant recharge not associated with the repair or replacement of warranted part is covered only during the first 12 months, regardless of the mileage.