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Put your car in safe hands with RAKHA co.
At RAKHA co. service centers, safety is our priority. With unmatched experience and latest service technology, we can solve any problem with your Nissan vehicle immediately. Giving you peace of mind for safe driving, as well as saving you time and money.

Safety Maintenance Tips:

It is recommended to service your vehicle with AAC at every 5000 Kms.
Probability of breakdown will be minimal if the car is maintained regularly.
Vehicle’s safety and life increases considerably.

Frequently check the oil level, brake fluid level, coolant level etc.

Check the pressure and visually inspect the Tyres frequently/routinely.

Driving Safety Tips:

Wear safety belts always.

Clean the front and rear windscreen, rear view mirrors daily.

Visually inspect the tyres.

Check wipers, Head Lamp, Turn Signal Lamp etc.

Check brakes for effectiveness.

Listen for any abnormal noise from vehicle carefully and report immediately to your nearest AAC service station.