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Kindly follow the steps below, in order to get your car fixed as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, please contact our front dest.

Step 1
Provide us with a copy of the police report, your driving license and registration card.

Step 2
State clearly which Insurance Company your car is insured with and provide us with a copy
of your Insurance Policy, if possible.

Step 3
Our Estimator will evaluate the damage, prepare an estimate of the repair cost and fax it to
the Insurance Company.

Step 4
Take 1 copy each of te estimate, your driving license and registration card, as well as the
original police report to the Insurance Company, in order for them to open a claim file.

Step 5
A Surveyor from the Insurance Company will now physically inspect your vehicle and negotiate
the estimated repair charges with AAC.*

Step 6
The AAC Workshop can only start repairing your car after receiving written authorization form the
Insurance Company.**
If you wish to collect or use your vehicle in the meantime, you'll be required to pay Dhs.100/ 250
(depending on minor / major repairs) to cover the estimation cost.

Step 7
Normally, the Insurance Company will fax a copy of the LPO to AAC. However, you should always
confirm or follow this up with both the Insurance Company and AAC, in order to get the necessary
documents for release of the vehicle before collecting your car from the workshop.***